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It's all about balance, and we're here to help you find yours. Because being well everyday should be effortless.

minh nguyen personal trainer, fitness and nutrition expert

Be Fit / Healthy

Experience a whole-body approach to physical wellness at Cape Rey with certified fitness specialist and nutrition educator, Minh Nguyen of Minh’s Living Tree. Guests and locals alike can choose from a suite of wellness options on property, including in-gym and outdoor personal, executive and group training; stretch and recovery sessions, one-on-one nutritional coaching, and weekly fitness classes that are complimentary for all hotel guests. 

To schedule a one-on-one session, please call Minh direct at 858.335.1037 or via email

Executive Personal Training

Includes an evaluation of your current fitness level, a body warm up, and customized workout according based on your physical needs and goals. Finishes with a cool down and stretch by one of our fitness experts.  

Sessions are 1 hour at $120 per session
Package of 6 available for $600 ($100 per session)

Group / Partner Training

Structured similar to the Personal Executive Training, but designed for a small group that consist of 2-4 people. A great team building and motivational workout with your partner, friends or co-workers.   

Sessions are 1 hour at $75 per person for two guests, $60 per person for three guests, or $50 per person for 4 guests. For 5 people or more, group training is $300 per session

Stretch & Recovery Sessions

Consists of a series of stretch techniques and poses to help you open up. Release unwanted tension throughout your body with a variety of movements.

Sessions are 30 minutes at $65 per session

Personalized Nutrition Coaching

Package of three sessions. Includes an evaluation of your current food intake/food log, a personalized nutrition menu and education on your macro-nutrient and vitamin needs in initial meeting. Followed by a fitness training session pertaining to reaching your health goals and a follow up session.  

Starts at $250 per package

Group Fitness Classes

Classes are open to the public, as well as hotel guests. Locations will vary. Please check the class schedule below or resort's weekly activity sheet at the front desk for details. Class prices may vary.

Class Schedule
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