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Host a Cape-style “throw-down” with one of our exciting culinary challenges. Create your own decadence with our dessert making contest or have your team saying “Allez cuisine!” with Iron Chef style competitions.


Could there be a more ideal way to build teams other than through food and fun? Teams that cook together stay together, and this is an enjoyable way to teach your group new concepts, build company morale and bond through learning, laughing, and food preparation. The Cape pantry has everything teams need to craft their spin on a few foodie favorites. Teams choose a name and present to the judges table.

Salsa + Guac

Everyone thinks theirs is the best, now you get to prove it!

Cape Pop Challenge

Build 1, or build 6! Use sprinkles, gimmies, frosting and more to make fun and tasty sweet treats.

Spa Sips to Savor

Design spa inspired cocktails and appetizers from farmers market finds and aromatherapy elements.

Ultimate Bloody Mary Bar

Think unique, tasty, and eye-catching. Extra points for playful garnishes!

Chili Cook-Off

Choose a heat level and signature technique to put your stamp on this culinary classic

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