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Rewarding Group Activities

Cape Rey has partnered with Riverbend, a global organization to make people greater. Riverbend challenges organizations and their people to expect and demand more of themselves and to think differently, ultimately to realize their potential and that their dreams are attainable in real, actionable ways.


S.E.A.L. Training™:  Experience-based Learning™

Solidarity, Ethos, Agility, and Learning are mission critical concepts for not just our nation’s mighty NAVY SEAL teams, but also for you and your team as you lead up, down, across, and outside your organization.  Our partner, The Riverbend Group, has designed and facilitates an immersive 2.5-day leadership program (shorter versions available upon request) including evolutions led by NAVY SEAL's. This program will change your life, forever. Hooyah! 

ONE Rowing™: Experience-based Learning™

One Crew. One Boat. One Voice. Just like your team, it is impossible for the sleek racing shells to maximize their performance, much less stay afloat, without the 3 crew fundamentals of One Crew. One Boat. One Voice. After an immersive experience on the water with the Master and Gold Medal rowers of San Diego, your team is led through a debrief and business application that will transform the way your team thinks and works.


Events are held at Cape Rey Carlsbad Beach. For more information on professional or personal development options email us, or visit Riverbend online.

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