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Local, Sustainable and Green

As an eco-minded resort, Cape Rey is working to save energy and reduce our environmental impact in our local community to preserve our planet for future generations to come.

Our Green Team’s purpose is to identify improvements to drive efficiencies and sustainability to create a better experience for our guests throughout Cape Rey, Chandler’s Restaurant & Ocean Crest Spa.

Sourcing Local & Organic Food

  • Our guests dine on fresh, delicious, and eco-friendly meals. Our culinary team tends to our on-site garden for organic and seasonal produce.
  • All other produce served is farmed and sourced locally within a 25 mile radius. 
  • Our certified fisherman catch fish off of Oceanside & Baja and deliver twice per week. 
  • Our local coffee vendor provides us with our Organic Vulcan Blend Coffee served in Chandler’s Restaurant. 


  • Instead of throwing away scraps that end up in landfills, we compost our organic matter. The compost is used to fertilize our organic garden on property.


Reducing Waste, Recycling

  • Shopping for produce directly from farmers allows us to reuse containers, therefore saving plastic containers most berries come in, and reducing waste. 
  • Herb and citrus scraps are re-purposed to make brines and flavored oils to season dishes.
  • Chandler’s Restaurant has moved away from paper only menus to protecting menus with binding and coverings to reduce the need of daily printing. 
  • All to-go items and serve ware is made up of recycled paper and bamboo.
  • Banquet and event planning has gone digital. IPad’s are used in place of paper packets.
  • Guests can opt to use a digital room key on their mobile devices in place of a highly toxic PVC standard room key. 

Energy & Water Conservation

  • Guests can help us conserve water and energy by opting out of daily linen replacement.
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