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Defy convention and gravity.

Explore the nearby world-class wine region of Temecula, California or breathtaking Del Mar views. Elevate your stay by air! Get your head in the clouds and you just might find it’s the perfect way to feel grounded. So many ways to ascend.


Carlsbad views from the sky

Jump, Jump, Jump!

One of the easiest ways to get off the ground is simply to jump. How about wall-to-wall trampolines, and giant foam pits? It’ll get your heart pumping and your head soaring. A favorite for kids and kids at heart, try Get Air Trampoline Park in Vista.

Soar in Biplanes and Helicopters.

See more than spouts and flukes, see the whole gorgeous animal when you’re above a whale in a biplane or helicopter. Get up close with surfers, and see California from a whole new angle. The piers are more majestic, and the landscape takes a new light from the air. We recommend Fun Flights and Corporate Helicopters.

Drift in Hot Air Balloons.

Inspiring and engaging, get up high and see why folks never want to leave SoCal. We’ll set you up with a hot air balloon ride in Temecula wine territory or further down the coast over Del Mar. Check out Sky’s the Limit.

Walk on Air with Wine.

What? You didn’t know SoCal has wine? Step into Temecula and feel like you’re in a new world. We set up tours by jeep, limousine, horseback, or hot air balloon. It all depends on you. Regardless of how you see them, the local vineyards of Temecula are a gorgeous site to behold, and tasting your way through them is breezy way to spend the day.

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